Your lunch at interieur 18 x Cantine?

Cantine will be opening a temporary food bar during Interieur ’18 for guests to enjoy lunch, coffee, bites and drinks while visiting the City Festival. Find us from 12h until closing time at the St-Maartens Clinic.

Next to catering some events on the location, we’ll be offering specific catering for the exhibitors entering the City Festival.

Coffee corner

Cantine will be open for take-away coffee and croissants from 10am - 12am in the morning

Lunch date _ OR lunchbox

During installation day’s, our coffee corner is open for coffee - obviously - and croissants from 10h and we serve a day dish and soup between 12h and 14h.

During the Festival itself, you can pick up your take-away lunchbox between 11h30 and 13h.

lunch cards

For a smooth service, we offer loyalty cards, called ‘lunchcards’ which you can buy upfront with a 4 + 1 discount and the possibility to receive an invoice.

Find an example menu below, please do note that you have to order lunch one day in advance at the latest on this page or on a form you can fill in at the lunchbar in Kortrijk.

Contact person *
Contact person
Address *
5 x lunch date lunch during installation days 10.10 until 17.10 + 05.11 until 07.11
5 x feed me lunch + homemade lemonade
5 x spoil me lunch + soup or sweet + homemade lemonade
5 x serve me like one of your french girls lunch + soup + sweet + homemade lemonade
5 x i'm an astronaut soup + homemade lemonade
10 x coffee of your choice

Example menu

Curry - eggplant - coco - spinach - tofu
Spinach lasagna - mushrooms - truffle
Pumpkin cream pizza - mushrooms - marinated kale - pecorino
Carrot tajine - chickpeas - abricots - couscous
Falafel - carrot - mint salad - pilav
Vegan balls - tomato sauce - celeriac puree
Couscous salad - kale - feta - red onion - pumpkin
Cauliflower burger - sweet potato fries - salade
Goat cheese quiche - paprika - red onion - broccoli
Butternut risotto