Weekly Suggestions

Next to our set menu we offer weekly suggestions. 
These are the suggestions starting on June 25: 

- Homemade soup: Tuesday& wednesday: Gazpacho / Thursday & Friday:closed!
- Tartine of the week: Marinated tofu, pickled veggies

- Lunch special: boekweit - appel - cranberrie - avocado

Croque: ricotta - sundried tomato - courgette

- Juice: Apple - celery - cucumber - ginger


Private dinner club

Want to host a cosy dinner but don't want the hassle?
Cantine can be transformed into a private dinner club for up to 40 people. We serve while you wine and dine with your favourite people. We work with a set menu that is inspired by the seasons and our own experience. The Cantine crew will make this a memorable experience: fully dressed tables, good food and tasty wine.

Send us an e-mail us for a personal offer.

Boterham + soep.jpg


Seeing it big or you want to host the greatest party of all time?

Cantine kindly supports those festive plans and will provide decorations, fresh flowers, food and drinks made to measure for your event.

Would you like to have facts and figures about our catering? Get in touch at for a personal offer.

Find us!

Eat at Cantine
Schaarbeeklei 636
1800 Vilvoorde
Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 4pm
hello (at) eatatcantine.be

Tel: 02/255.18.40


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